5 Secrets To Raise A Happy Child

We all want our children to be happy. We want them to have a smile on their faces as they move ahead in the journey of their lives.  A happy child doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she is not facing any challenges in life or is always successful. Rather, a happy child is one, who takes up every challenge with a new enthusiasm and plays fair in life, the one who is able to accept both success and failure in life as learnings. Happiness is relative, so a happy child is the one with a peaceful mind and healthy body too.

Life emotions like happiness, sadness, and others differ from person to person and cannot be always quantified or measured. But, there are ways  in which you can coach yourself to be in a positive and happy state of mind. As parents, we have the sole responsibility to facilitate this kind of thinking in our children. It is impossible to be happy constantly, but we can be the catalyst for their happiness by the little things  that we do.

1. Build Connections:

Let them connect with family, friends, relatives and form an active social group. The more they socialize, the more they get to know people and understand their point of view, which makes them a judge of character and circumstances. This way they will know whom to interact with and whom to avoid and why.

2. Ensure A Happy Environment:

To expect your child to be happy, you also need to give him/her a happy environment to grow and flourish. And, this starts at home. Ensure that your house has a healthy environment of encouragement, affection, hope and learning. This way they will also exhibit behavior like they see, you do.

3. Praise The Right Things:

Appreciating and applauding the right things is important, while pointing out mistakes are equally necessary. So, do not support them in everything they do or want. Gradually, they will learn the difference between right and wrong and will take the right decisions, when they get appreciated. Give them a pat on the back for their efforts.

4. Give Them Responsibilities:

Gradually, start giving them age specific tasks and responsibilities. This way they feel important and want to prove their worth. Encourage them to take both success and failure in the right spirit and also impart good values.

5. Allow Them To Spread Happiness:

A smiling and happy face can light up a hundred more. So, involve them in charity. Encourage them to spread the word. Stress on the values of sharing, caring, respecting and helping others.

As adults, do not try to pump emotions into your child. Allow these to grow naturally in them, so that they understand the emotions and life lessons in their own way. Do not force them to be happy or fake their emotions. A happy child spreads a lot of positivity and hope and encourages others to be happy as well.