5 Sensible Ways To Avoid Mommy Wars

Once you become a mother, you start experiencing a lot of new things- some of good and some that aren’t so good. However, each of them is a learning experience and part of parenthood in general. One of them is ‘mommy wars’. What? a war? Yes, you heard it right. Mothers, inside and outside their respective social circles, can get into tough mommy wars. These are more like verbal confrontation, or debate, or heated arguments.

Mommy wars are basically about who is right and who is not, who knows what and who is doing the right parenting and who is not. Moms start comparing themselves with each other and unknowingly get into un-necessary debates. We fail to realize that all our kids are different and so is our parenting journey. So, mommy wars should best be avoided and it can be more like information sharing rather than arguments.

5 Sensible Ways In Which You Can Avoid Mummy Wars Are As Follows:

Do Not Give Un-Necessary Advice.

It is better to give advice only when asked for. Your opinion matters, but at the right place at the right time. So, avoid unnecessary confusion with your advice, which may be un-asked for as you do not know what the other person is going through.  

Avoid Too Many Mom Groups.

After becoming mothers, you have so many questions and queries. So, many of us become a part of different mommy groups- online and offline. While, these groups are a big source of information, they can also be the core for these mommy wars or arguments. So, keep yourself away from such controversial conversations, rather try to strike a productive one. Do not be a part of too many groups, so they you lose your sanity.

Do Not Compare.

You should never compare one mother to another. As mentioned earlier, all moms are different and so is their parenting style. What works for one might not work for the others. You never know what the real problem is or how the other person is dealing with it.

Never Take Things Personally.

Do not take people’s hurtful comments, or jokes personally. Though, it hurts when someone comments on your parenting choices or about your child, but it is better to ignore. Probably, you need to confront the person politely once or twice. If the situation persists, it is best to ignore. You know what is best for your child, so let others not interfere with that.

Assure Yourself.

You are doing a good job as a mother. You need to assure yourself of this fact every day. You are also a human being and prone to mistakes and errors. But, you know best for your child, so keep doing the best for them. Yes, you need help, but of course not un-wanted advices and interference’s.

Mommy wars only lead to a lot of stress, which should be avoided as there is too much to handle as a mother. Rather, you should concentrate on how to make your parenting journey more worthwhile. You can definitely listen to their advice, but accepting it is always your own decision. Every mommy is unique, so better to live as a happy community, rather than making it a war zone.