5 Strategies You Can Adopt To End Mealtime Battles With Your Toddler

Have you ever met a mother who has been able to successfully feed her toddler? Well, if you have, then you must have noticed the pleasures of victory on their faces, just like after winning a battle. This is an age old battle (of course, not those bloody ones), between a mother and child (especially, toddler), and probably no one has still been able to conquer it, without a fight.

Feeding your toddler, and that too healthy fruits and vegetables, is like a mammoth task. Mothers try so many different things, but yet many of us are not satisfied with the eating habits of our toddler. They scream and yell, throw food, run around, throw tantrums and what not. However, a mother has to be persistent to make he toddler eat the right proportions of food so that he/she gets the proper nutrition for their growth and development.

However, you can adopt a few of the 5 strategies mentioned below to end your mealtime battles with your toddler.

Show Who Is In Control:

You need to not get angry or frustrated and scream at them. Rather tell them that you are not going to nag or run after them to finish their food. Rather, you will give them, what others are eating and it is up to them to finish their food. Tell them why these foods are important for them and what can happen if they don’t  eat their veggies. Explain to them in their simple language or through stories and cartoons.

Involve Them In Their Food Preparation:

When you involve your child in preparing their meals in simple ways, they feel important and like to eat what they have made. So, you can start by letting them spread the butter or mix chocolate in the milk and so on. It makes them feel responsible and they feel good about it.

Do Not Force Them:

Never force your child to complete the entire thing on their plate. Though, you want to give them the maximum nutrition, but getting aggressive with them only makes them more stubborn and arrogant. So, give them smaller portions and let them finish their bite before you give more. Give a break in between, so that they can digest the earlier one.

Keep Only Healthy Options:

If you want your child to eat healthy, keep only healthy options. This way they can have a variety, but only with nutritious food. Make healthy food, fun and exciting, so that even if they choose one over the other, all they eat is healthy food.

Try To Find Out What They Want:

To come to a compatible consensus, try to find out what food they like to have. This way you can also make a healthier version of the food. Gradually, they will start liking it more and you will have a peaceful time, feeding your baby.

A mother will never be satisfied with what her child is eating, but you have to understand their temperament too. Initially, they will resist you, but gradually when they start understanding the importance of healthy food, they will oblige. So, all you need to a lot of patience with your toddler and an effort to make mealtime fun and exciting for them.