5 Time Management Tricks For Busy Moms

Once you become a mother, you have more responsibilities than ever. Probably, for mothers, time is the most precious thing and always in scarcity. Time management is one of the most important challenges for busy moms. Apart from taking care of her child, she also has to manage the house, the family, her career and a lot more. Amidst all this, she also needs to take care of herself.

Due to her caring nature, mothers always find time to manage all the things, but start ignoring themselves due to lack of time. But, staying healthy and fit is most critical to be able to take care of others.

Here are a few simple tricks to find ‘that’ time from your busy schedule and do something for yourself or manage things without worrying:

Organize Your Calendar Wisely:

Planning is one of the most important things for succeeding in something. So, plan, categorize, club, organize, prioritize and manage your tasks well. Set reminders, stick notes, use to-do list and others to take care of your tasks. You can multitask or club things together and follow a weekly schedule for grocery and other household works. You can even try breaking down the work into smaller and doable chunks, so that the burden is evenly distributed.

Utilize Waiting Time:

We waste a lot of time in the waiting queue. You need to utilize that for minor things, which you can do with your smartphone or laptop, rather than sitting idle. You can order grocery, or play a game with your child, or organize or plan for some event, make important phone calls, etc. The first few steps of many jobs can be done, while you are stuck waiting somewhere.

Start Early In The Day:

This is very important to utilize your entire day effectively. If you rise early, you can start your day with yoga and other meditation techniques, which helps you to calm down, relax and enjoy a stress free day ahead. This way you can finish important things during the first half of the day and gradually relax during the end of it.

Share And Delegate:

Do not take everything on yourself. You can share your load with others too, which helps in better time management for both of you. You can take help from a friend for dropping your child to school and you also can help, when required. You can also delegate your work to others as feasible like walking your dog or managing the laundry. You can take assistance from local agencies or babysitters, occasionally.

Know Your Limits:

You need to know your limits before you take up work or commit to something. You set aside dedicated time for work and family. So, do not bring unnecessary work at home or plan your kid’s activities in such a way that you do not waste time travelling. Set your limits beforehand and discuss it with your family.

Time management can be stressful for women as they have to manage a lot. It can very well be taken as a superpower for many. Jokes apart, there are only 24 hours a day, so spare a few minutes to plan, organize and prioritize things in your life, to manage the rest of the year, effectively. This way you can also find some quality time to spend with your family and for yourself too.