5 Unique Party Games For Girls

Any party is incomplete without games. Games make the party environment more lively and engaging. Games are not for competition or prizes, party games are more about breaking the ice and having fun, the gifts are just a bonus. Generally, party games are chosen according to the age group, theme of the party, and resource availability. Now-a-days, even a small pajama party is unthinkable without appropriate games.

Whether it is a birthday party or a fun get together, games are a great way to engage and entertain the guests. And, if it’s an all girls’ party, then there are no two ways about it that there has to be loads of party games. Party games can be arranged by you or you can also consult your event planner regarding the same. They usually have a wide range of party games for different types of parties.

Take a look at these 5 unique party games for girls, which will surely help to enhance their party mood.

Dress Up:

Girls just love to dress up and you can twist this into a party game. Arrange for sets of dresses and accessories and makes groups of two girls. Then, you can ask them to dress up each other instead of themselves. The team, who does it properly within the shortest time is the winner.

Treasure Hunt:

You an arrange for a treasure hunt of jewelry items or names beads, which they have to find and string them to form their names. They can also have it as a takeaway from the party.

Chinese Whisper:

This classic game is always fun to play. Make them sit in a circle and let one member start by whispering something (may be related to the party) to the next member. The game carries on like this till the last member tells everyone what she heard. It’s funny and surprising how the words will have changed through the game.

Truth or Dare:

Again, this old classic game is appropriate for any age group. So in the bottle and ask ‘truth or dare’. This is more like an activity based game, and involves everybody, so it is more fun. But, make sure that the little girls are not taking the rules too far.

Drama Bag:

This is one more game, where you need a few accessories. You can divide the group into teams and give each a drama bag, which contains a few different things. Then, you can ask each team to prepare a small skit, song or ad using those and present it in front of everybody. This is fun, creative and involves a lot of planning and teamwork.

Party games need to be simple and easy to understand for everybody. They should not be planned with an intention of rigorous competition. Rather, it is to instill a fun-filled environment and make the party exciting. It is not always mandatory to keep prizes for the winners, but small tokens of appreciation can be given away. The host needs to be friendly and should explain the game properly before it starts. So, if you are planning a party for your little princess, then don’t forget to plan for the apt party games too.