5 Ways To Deal When Your Child Starts Hitting You

When your child starts growing, you experience a lot of new things, some of them quite unexpected too. Some kids are quiet and calm, yet others are aggressive and active. It depends on their nature and your interactions with them too. Though, you love your child a lot, you tend to get frustrated and stressed, when you are not able to handle their tantrums or their aggressive behaviour irritates you.

It becomes very embarrassing for you, when your child starts hitting you, especially in the public. This happens when they are really aggressive or throwing tantrums. This kind of emotional outburst needs to be curbed and corrected in their childhood itself, else it can have serious consequences later in life. This impacts their emotional stability, social relationship, and their overall personality.

5 Ways To Handle, When Your Child Starts Hitting You Can Be:

Do Not Get Aggressive:

You cannot tackle aggression with aggression. So, do not attempt  to slap them or hit them back. This is will only make them more agitated and they might continue with their stubborn behavior. Rather, attentively look for what triggered their behavior or how they reach after that. This will help you to disengage them.

Check Your Actions:

Kids learn a lot from what they see at home. So, stop showing any such behavior, which makes them believe that hitting is okay and they are right in doing that. Do not hit your spouse or children in a manner that it negatively impacts your child’s tender mind. If you do it, they will do it.

Give Examples:

Show them with examples the good and bad behavioral system. Tell them how their behavior can hurt others and what people might say about them. On the contrary, show them how other kids are behaving in that situation, and how what they are doing is not good. Rather than a punishment, teach them a lesson.

Understand Their Problem:

The main way to handle the situation is to understand the underlying problem. Take a note of the triggers or find out whether they are doing it out of peer pressure or some external influence. Once, you know the problem, you will be in a better position to find the solution.

Distract Them:

When you know the moment when your child gets angry or hits you, try to avoid such situations or distract them before that point is reached. Know what can be helpful in diverting their mind at that moment, so that they do not show such aggressive behaviour.

The real problem, when kids hit is probably because they are doing it out of fear. Children have innocent minds, so someone or something impacts them quite easily. So, rather than jumping to conclusions, you need to understand the root cause. Calm them down and have a discussion to understand the situation better. Do not get angry at them in public as it might aggravate the problem more. However, if this persists, then you might have to deal with it in a strict way or even ask for expert help.