5 Ways To Effectively Handle Bed Wetting

Bedwetting can be a serious yet common problem that most of the parents need to deal with. Medically known as nocturnal enuresis or nighttime incontinence, it is the involuntary tendency of children to urinate on the bed after the age of 5 or 6 years, and it generally happens when they are sleeping. Statistics show that around 5 million children undergo this experience. According to a report by the Mayo Clinic, around 15% of children still wet beds by the age of 5 and less than 5% do it by the age 8 or 11. Experts say that the bedwetting ratio is around 2 boys is to 1 girl.

Bedwetting is not your child’s fault, so getting angry at them won’t solve the problem. This will only add to their stress levels and the things can go towards worse instead of improving. It is almost not an issue till around the age of 6 years, but after that, it becomes a concern for parents.

Here Are 5 Effective Ways You Handle Your Child’s Bedwetting Problem:

Stop The Blame Game:

First and foremost is to stop the blaming and scolding your child for this condition. This only adds on to their existing stress levels, which can again be a major cause for bedwetting. You need to understand that they are not deliberately doing it, so you need to become their support rather than demeaning them.

Consult The Doctor:

It is very important to find out the real reason for the problem, if it persists in your child for a long time. You need to consult the doctor as soon as possible to know the real reason. It can be some urinary tract infection, diabetes or even stress. Once you know the root cause, it will be easier for both of you to treat or get rid of it.

Discuss With Your Child:

Have a calm conversation with your child regarding this. If you already know the problem, talk about it to them, make them understand the consequences and let me take decisions. At around 6 years or more, they are old enough to understand some problem and how to deal with it. Most importantly, give them some time.

Bedtime Ritual:

Make a bedtime ritual for your kid to go to the washroom. Early potty trained kids are more capable of handling the problem. Encourage your child to use the bathroom as many times before going off to bed. And, teach them they need to do the same if they want to urinate in the middle of their sleep.

Make An Incentive Model:

You can use an incentive chart for your child. Use a calendar to give stars, when your child exhibits the correct action. Once he/she had 10 stars or so, give them a lollipop or something. Keep simple things as you don’t want this to become a habit. Give them suggestions on how you want them to improve.

Many people (around 75%) have also benefited from a moist alarm, which interrupts your child’s sleep. This was they gradually learn to get up, when they have to go to the washroom. You need to give your child time, understand the actual reasons, and help your child get out of it, so as always true, patience is a virtue.