5 Ways To Foster Emotional Intelligence In Teenagers

Teenage, or adolescence, is such a phase, where parents have to be very careful in dealing with their children. They are almost adults, they want to explore, take risks and learn, so this phase needs to be made productive, so that a strong foundation is made for their life ahead. One of the most important aspect of teenage is handling emotions. And, this can probably be done the best by fostering emotional intelligence in them.

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Humans have a huge gamut of emotions, some which they understand, and some which they don’t. And, the better we are able to deal with them, the more stable we are in life. So, emotional intelligence is basically our capability to deal with emotions, relations and resultant behaviour in an effective way.

Teenagers go through a lot of emotional turmoil, and in the lack of proper guidance or knowledge on how to steer their emotions in the right way, many of them go on a wrong path or choose the wrong things in life. As parents, we need to help them cope up with their emotions and imbibe the best of emotional intelligence in them.

5 Effective Ways To Foster Emotional Intelligence In Your Teenager Are:

Self-Awareness And Motivation:

Teenagers need to be groomed for self-awareness because until and unless they know their own strengths and weaknesses, they will never be able to identify their true worth. When they know their positives, they will use it to fulfill their aspirations. And, knowing their negatives is a way to prepare them better for the challenges. This will also help them to get self-motivated so that they know when to take the right decisions.

Managing Moods:

Teach your teenager on how to ward off the bad mood and get back to the real life with a new enthusiasm. They more they learn to cope with failure in a positive way, the more they become stronger, emotionally. They need to learn from failures, and move ahead in life rather than stagnating their thoughts and dreams.


It is very easy to get angry and rude, but what you need to teach them is empathy and respect for others. They need to learn to think in other people’s shoes too. This is best done, if you also exhibit the same. Teach them to be calm and composed.

Managing Relationships:

Relationship is one thing, where teenagers can go wrong most of the times. So, teach them to manage and deal with different relationships, both in their personal and social lives. They should be able to adjudge people and decide with whom to be related at which emotional level, and from whom to keep a distance.


This is something, which you need to practice. Encouragement has a huge positive impact on their minds, so use it constructively for good. So, appreciate and applaud their efforts, show them you care congratulate them on their good deeds, discuss their problems, ask for reasons, if they did something wrong and show them the right path.

While trying out these tips and tricks, do not forget that your teenager is an individual with an independent thought process, so do not force your ideologies on them. Rather, try to understand their point of view and help them in their own way. Emotional Intelligence, often known as emotional quotient (EQ) is a growing concept these days and an integral part of our IQ, personal and social relationships and success parameters.