5 Ways To Teach Manners To Your Toddler

Mothers know best on how to tackle their children. However, some ages are probably too difficult to handle. Being the mother of a toddler, I can understand how difficult it is to tame these cute, little, mischievous bundles of joy. They are so active, joyful and full of energy that you really need to be on your toes to handle them. They are busy exploring new things, understanding new emotions and making new friends, so you have to almost become a kid like them to manage them.

Teaching good manners to your toddler can be a tedious task. But, the sooner you start, the better it is for their emotional growth and development. Once, they are out into good habits, they stay with them for the rest of their lives. It is also easy to learn, unlearn and re-learn at this stage, so make the most of this tender age to install good habits and manners.

5 Easy Ways To Teach Your Toddler About Good Manners Can Be:

Start With The Basics:

Start with very simple things like saying Thank You, Sorry, Welcome, or gestures of smiling, etc. Teach them in simple terms using stories, their favourite characters or rhyme videos. Teach them with something to which they can relate to. Later, you can move on to dining etiquettes, greeting guests, etc.

Talk About Consequences:

After you explain to them the importance of good manners, talk about the consequences if they fail to follow. Do not get aggressive or directly talk about punishments. Rather, mention simple things like their favourite doll will get angry, and so on. You might take help from other family members, in case required.

Be A Role Model:

If you want them to follow a good manner, first do it yourself. So, follow proper gestures, good table habits, and so on. Kids learn a lot from what they see their parents doing, so set a good example for them to follow.

Make A Reward Model:

Make an incentive model for them. Give them a good sticker if they exhibit something good, and as they accumulate a few, give them something in reward, However, make sure, this is only for the teaching period and should not be made into a habit. And, use simple things like a lollipop, or a cupcake, as in don’t get expensive gifts, etc. as they might miss the underlying point.

Use Role Play:

You can use role play to teach your toddler the difference between good and bad manners. Show them how they should react and behave with others in a particular situation. Then, later notice whether they apply their learning in a similar situation. If they do, applaud them; if they deviate, talk to them and discuss the reasons. This way they will learn faster in a proper way, and remember most of the things.

While teaching manners and making them follow it, you have to very, very patient. They will irritate you, or you can get stressed, but all you have to do is keep calm and keep trying. The more persistent you are, the more they start following the rules and guidelines. The feeling of achievement when your child exhibits a good manner is wonderful, so don’t lose hope and you will get to it, pretty soon.