About Us

From the day you see the two pink lines on your test stick to the day you send your child away for college, there is a journey in between that you cannot complete in isolation. We are not meant to raise children in isolation. Child bearing and rearing are never easy and it requires an entire village to help make this feel easier and doable.

Photographs of cute little toddlers hand painting on walls and reading about tiny little feet kicking inside your womb might sound adorable but when you are the one experiencing it, it surely is mind-numbing and a crazy roller coaster ride! We believe in the saying, “When you know better, you do better” and here we are; two mums who have raised the most difficult toddlers while residing in Los Angeles, California, to assist you in experiencing pregnancy, childbirth and parenting in the safest, fittest and in the most unique ways possible.

How Are We Unique?

At parentpundit.com we understand how puzzling the first trimester could be. Instead of suggesting that you should lie down all day, eat for two, be careful about yourself at every step, we assure you that pregnancy is the most natural and normal physiological process that a human being undergoes and you are not a patient. We suggest you to walk, stay fit and be active, and instead of forming a routine around yourself, simply ease into the structure that life offers.

When you become a parent, you cannot afford to lose your sense of humour. From breathing normally while cleaning poopy bums to gently parenting a rebellious two year old, it is never easy. We tell you how the veggies can be served differently, how to tackle toddler tantrums while being a gentle parent, how to find the right paediatrician for the recurrent cough and more.

Instead of jargons and a vocabulary that only doctors can decode, we use simple, everyday language for you so that in between finding out what that burning sensation in your throat is, you do not need to look for a dictionary because the words are beyond your understanding.

What Drives Us?

The need to provide women who are expecting and those who already have children, the power to choose, is what drives us and our writers.

When we look around, we see how the wrong kind of information plagues our society and turns beautiful journeys like pregnancy and parenting into fearful experiences. This is where we want to be invited in and without being overwhelming or offering unsolicited advice, we wish to equip parents with information that they might struggle to find elsewhere.


Our goal is to empower parents with knowledge and the choice to make informed decisions. We aim to publish authentic, verified and evidence-led information so that nothing that you follow is ever based on assumptions instead of clearly stated facts. Real voices speak here and the guidelines are all taken from real experiences with parents, doctors, midwives and more.

The Fun Element

We might have included some snarky and wicked connotations while writing our blogs, all of which will end up being hilarious in your situation but we, at no point, mean to be offensive. Well, pregnancy and parenting might seem to be necessary evils, at times; you do deserve the humour, don’t you?