Are You Eating These 6 Power Foods In Pregnancy?

If you are pregnant and have not taken care of your diet yet, it is time to start packing yourself with food that will ultimately be your and your baby’s source of nourishment throughout your pregnancy. The old myth of eating for two may not hold true but it is also essential that you must have a well-balanced diet to incorporate protein, iron, calcium, fibre, folate, vitamins and important minerals to sustain the pregnancy in the most optimal manner.

Here Is A List Of Power Foods That You Must Include In Your Checklist:

1. Meat:

Anaemia is common during pregnancy because your iron stores are continuously being depleted to make up your baby’s red blood cell supply. This can lead to dizziness, fatigue and slow down the growth of your foetus. Your baby’s brain is also being supplied with iron stores to help its development. To ensure that enough iron is absorbed from food, combining lean meat with sources of Vitamin C (oranges, tomatoes, strawberries, is what you should be doing. You should also be ideally having three servings of protein a day and lean meat contributes effectively to your protein needs.

2. Green Leafy Vegetables:


Your mother must have spent an eternity running behind you with that bowl of veggies; now it’s time to start having them again. Green leafy vegetables are high in iron and are also rich in fibres that your body needs to regulate bowel movements in pregnancy. Spinach, kale, lettuce, amaranth, Malabar spinach is all high in iron and can be tossed into salads with toasted nuts for a quick and nutritious snack.

3. Lentils:

Even before you conceive, your doctor will suggest you to load up on Vitamin B because it protects your baby against neural-tube defects that often show up as birth disorders like the highly dreaded spina bifida1. He might suggest folic acid supplements or ask you to consume a diet that is rich in folate. Lentils are packed with folate and are easily accessible to everyone. They are rich sources of iron, Vitamin B6 and protein that would give you the much needed boost of energy when your body feels drained. To enhance maximum absorption of iron from lentils, try squeezing in half a lemon before consuming

4. Fish:

Whether it’s your pink-fleshed salmon or your white-fleshed tilapia; consumption of fish is extremely important to provide your body with essential Omega-3 fatty acids that will help in the development of your baby’s eyes and brain. Fortified eggs and walnuts are also good sources of Omega-3.

5. Dried Fruits And Nuts:

Walnuts, cashews, raisins, pistachios, almonds, dried figs, apricots are all fabulous sources of iron and you can keep always keep a jar filled with these on your bedside table. They are also good sources of important minerals that your body needs right now.

6. Fruits:

Avocados, oranges, strawberries, mangoes, tomatoes, bananas, pears, watermelons, pomegranate and other fruits contribute to the vitamin requirements of your body and can be filling enough without leading to unhealthy weight gain. Have them is smoothies, shakes, salads or as whole fruits.