Are You Having Trouble With Tackling Tantrums? Here’s How To Deal With It

When babies starts growing up, they undergo a lot of physical and mental changes. By the you’re your child hits the ‘terrible twos’, your toddler will be full of mischief, and of course tantrums. Parents get hassled and stressed with their toddlers throwing tantrums, but you need to understand that it is just another passing phase of growing up.

Like kids go through this phase, parents also go through a phase, where they feel ‘they are being driven mad by tantrums’. Tantrums can be screaming at home or in public places, demanding things they are not supposed to have, denying food, crying and lying on the floor, breaking things – the list is endless. Trying to get your attention is one of the main reasons for kid’s throwing tantrums. Your little bundle of joy seems to turn into a cute little monster. You might start feeling like a monster yourself.

You start screaming, shouting, which probably doesn’t help in resolving the problem. It only aggravates the situation and sometimes instigates your child more.

So chill, your kiddo is not the only one throwing tantrum. And, you will definitely find your way to deal with your toddler’s tantrums.

Here Are Some Simple Tips And Tricks To Deal With Tantrums In A Healthy Way.

Understand The Real Intent:

It is important to understand the real reason behind a tantrum. Whether they are irritated with something else and merely using the tantrum to vent it out. May be they’re hungry or sleepy. m. Rather than getting angry, try to figure out the real reason.  

Start Saying No:

If you have been giving whatever your child wants and suddenly one day, you want to stop, that probably won’t work. So, starting saying no to certain things early in life so that they know what they can get and what they can’t.

Give Them Examples:

Show them how other children are behaving in the same situation. Praise other kids in front of them. Say they will also be praised and rewarded if they stop the tantrums. Actually, always reward and appreciate positive behaviour.

Try Reverse Psychology:

This is one of the best ways you can try. Show them that they can do something, you can do better. You have to make them understand who is in charge. When they see that you are also being a kid with them, they might change their ways. This way you can show them their mistake and they might start realizing it too.

Sometimes, Just Ignore:

Sometimes, it is best to just ignore. Let them do whatever they want for some time and when they see that no one is paying attention, they will stop. Gradually, they will understand that you will not give in to their tantrums and they will stop.

You need to tackle tantrums in a positive way at the right time so that they understand what’s RIGHT and what’s NOT. The earlier they learn to differentiate, the better for both of you. Do not try to dominate them in the wrong way, let them enjoy their childhood, but let them also know where to draw the line.