Check Your Reaction When Your Child Tell You About Their First Job

Parents are happy and excited, whenever their child achieves something in life. They guide and support them, as well as advise them on their future road map. Like any other milestone in life, the first job of their child is also a moment of pride and happiness for a parent. Though, you are happy and excited about the fact, but you also need to handle your reaction, so that it sends out the right vibes to your child and he/she shares their experiences or challenges of the job with you.

The first job is full of new experiences, speculations, introduction to a new corporate environment and much more. So, there must be a lot going through your child’s mind, and there must be a lot that he/she wants to share. Many a times we have seen that teenagers are not comfortable talking about their job to their parents, as they are with their friends or cousins. You need to make a conscious effort to change this and become their friends, so that they will share their emotions with you as well.

5 Basic Things To Avoid When Reacting To Your Child’s First Job Can Be As Follows:

Do Not Overwhelm Them With Praise:

Though, it is a big achievement for them, but do not be overtly praise Full. This way they will think that they have already done their best and will not be willing to try for better. You let me know that you are very happy, but they need to deliver their best, keep up the good work to keep become successful in life.

Do Not Give Them A Rosy Picture:

Do not present a good goody picture of the corporate world in front of your child. Talk to them about the realities, office politics, in short- make them aware of both the good and the bad. Prepare them for the challenges in the future and tell them what your experience have taught you.

Do Not Compare Them With Others:

Do not compare them to other children or their first job. Everybody is different with varying levels of talent, skills and abilities. So, let the start be their point of realization of their strengths and weaknesses. Do not underestimate or under mean their efforts.

Do Not Pressurize Them With Performance Benchmarks:

Do not pressurize them with performance benchmarks and force them to take up things that you like. Rather, encourage them to pursue their own dreams and aspirations. Tell them to do what they like and focus their dedication and commitment to the work they choose.

Do Not Be Too Pushy About The Details:

Do not be too judgmental and pushy about their job details. Listen to whatever information they want to disclose. Do not press them to tell you about their salary figures. If you feel that they are hiding something important, try to ask them in a friendly way rather than getting angry and aggressive.

It is good to appreciate your child’s efforts in getting their first job, but you need to talk to them about their responsibilities and sensible ways to handle work pressure and finances as well. This is a step, which makes them independent, but they also need to understand the job implications and deliver their best and strive to perform better in the coming endeavours.