How Can You Travel Safely In Pregnancy?

It is mostly safe to travel up to 36 weeks of pregnancy but it is important to know and understand that you should be taking appropriate measures while travelling so that it is in no way harmful for yourself or your baby. It is quintessential to consult your doctor before travelling so that he/she can check you and give you a green signal accordingly. Here are some safe ways of travelling through pregnancy and ensuring that all goes well with the pregnancy:

  1. Buying travel insurance beforehand is a very wise idea because pregnancy is unpredictable and if you do need to cancel the journey; your money will not be wasted.
  2. Always carry your medical records and ultrasound copies so that if there is any need for a medical evaluation, your attending doctor will have an idea about your existing health conditions.
  3. Get yourself thoroughly checked by your doctor before travelling and let him decide if you are really fit to travel.
  4. Whether you travel by road, air or car, ensure that you get up and walk around a bit at regular intervals to avoid swollen legs, varicose veins and blood clots1 

Traveling By Air

Most airline companies allow women to travel till 36 weeks of pregnancy but they need to carry a ‘Fit to fly ‘certificate after 28 weeks. If you are not carrying a letter of permission from your doctor and if your pregnancy looks well advanced, they may disallow you from boarding the flight because of safety issues that might occur in case of emergency landings and other unforeseen circumstances.

While travelling by air, ensure that you carry small and healthy snacks for yourself so that you are not affected by air sickness. Have plenty of fluids because air travelling can be dehydrating. Always ask for a seat with more leg space so that your legs are not cramped for long. Do take short breaks and get up to move around if you feel uncomfortable. Inform the cabin crew immediately if you have strong and regular contractions.

Traveling By Car

It is advisable to always wear both the lap and seat belts so that you are well-protected. While driving, please take short breaks and walk around to avoid blood clots or worsen varicose veins. Your prenatal exercise classes will have covered calf exercises that you must do in order to keep nagging aches at bay.

Travelling To Exotic Destinations

While it is not forbidden that you travel to exotic places like private beaches and islands, jungle safaris etc, it is advisable that you do not plan these trips in your third trimester. Whenever you are travelling, ensure that you are vaccinated against potential diseases that could harm your growing fetus. Always get yourself checked by the doctor to determine if you are fit enough to travel to far off places. Drink bottled water whenever in doubt and avoid fish, dairy, eggs and meat that have not been sourced from reliable places.

Staying safe while travelling is not a choice but a necessity when you are pregnant!