Should You Be Smoking During Pregnancy?

This is probably not the first time you are hearing this, but to reassert the consequences, it is essential to know that smoking is dangerous during pregnancy1. Your body is nourishing and taking care of a baby inside your womb and you would definitely not want to take chances with him or her. When you smoke, the nicotine and carbon monoxide that are released, travel through your bloodstream and reach your baby, only to have adverse consequences. If you thought only regular smoking could be harmful, think again. Even if you are an infrequent smoker, you are putting your baby’s life at risk.

Listed Below Are Some Of The Commonest Reasons To Stop Smoking Today!

  • You and your baby are in need of sufficient oxygen all through pregnancy and beyond. Smoking will lead to reduced oxygen supply to your body and thereafter your baby. Would you still take chances?
  • Smoking might increase your baby’s heart rate while in the womb.
  • There is every possibility that you might deliver a preterm baby with a low birth weight.
  • The chances of having a miscarriage or stillbirth are highly enhanced.
  • Your baby’s lungs take a lot of time to be properly formed and smoking might cause respiratory disorders even before his/her lungs develop completely.
  • The possibilities of being born with birth defects are also heightened.
  • Smoking can lead to SIDS2 (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) even after the baby is delivered.

Whether you are smoking before, during or after pregnancy, you are invariably causing some kind of harm to your baby and there are some ways following which you could quit smoking to keep your baby safe. Here are some of them:

1. Chewing Mint Or Gum:

Research shows that chewing mint or gum whenever you have the urge to smoke, helps curb it and keep you feeling satiated for quite some time.

2. Avoiding Caffeinated Beverages:

Caffeinated beverages have the ill-repute of increasing the urge to smoke. Caffeine is anyway not quite recommended to consume during pregnancy so you would do better to stay away from the colas and repeated mugs of coffee at work.

3. Having Non-Smoking Zones At Home:

You can make your home a non-smoking area and destash all your matches, lighters, cigarettes and ashtrays so that they are never visible to you and you are never tempted to have a quick smoke.

4. Breaking The Addiction:

If trying to keep away from smoking is leading you to have definite signs of depression, you can ask for professional help. Rehabs might not be easy in pregnancy but you can attend counselling sessions to help yourself out of it.

5. Online Support Groups:

There are several support groups online that deal with pregnancy and parenting and the number of problems that occur during this phase. Talk to people who are undergoing similar situations and share your experiences. Communication has proved to be beneficial in curbing addictions.

Whether you are pregnant or not, smoking is never good for you. Even after you deliver your baby, passive smoking could potentially harm his/her development and lead to unnecessary health problems. For yourself and for your baby, quit smoking today!