Should You Upsize During Pregnancy?

If you have been wondering whether you really need to buy maternity jeans, nursing bras and camisoles in sizes that you had never imagined you would wear, you have no clue how pregnancy could change your body. In the first trimester, you might feel that upsizing is a wrong idea but very soon, you waistband and your bra straps will scream for help and rushing to a maternity wear store will be your only option. Know why you need to upsize and what to include in your wardrobe:

1. Your Breasts Will Grow

As early as the first trimester, you will feel the soreness in your breasts1 and it is probably the first sign that signals conception. You will not feel like wearing tight, under wired or push-ups in sizes that you were used to. You will very soon look for bigger cup sizes that don not hurt your already sensitive skin. Your breasts will continue to grow throughout pregnancy in order to lay down fatty tissues and to prepare your body for producing milk. It is wiser to upsize as you enter your second trimester and then as and when your body demands. Remember to get a proper fitting done by sizing specialists at lingerie stores so that you don’t end up buying the wrong size.

2. Tighter Waistbands And Buttons Will Be Uncomfortable

Your slim fit denims will start feeling uncomfortable very soon and it’s better to invest in maternity denims with panels in place of buttons or zips, in two sizes bigger than what you wear at present. Panels are stretchable and they will grow with your belly without feeling tight or uncomfortable as the pregnancy progresses.

3. Because Comfort Is Your Primary Need

More than any other reason, you will always want to upsize because comfort is your priority in pregnancy. Whether it is your airy maternity dress or your super stretchable lycra sweatshirt, you will always need clothes in bigger sizes because predicting your size is difficult at the start of a pregnancy.

When To Upsize?

You really don’t want to invest continuously on maternity wear but you will always need to know when and where to spend the money. To start off, buy a few sleep bras in bigger sizes so that the tenderness in your breasts doesn’t keep you up at night. You can wear these all day if you stay at home. For formals, you will need to buy bigger trousers with panels at the start of second trimester so that sitting for prolonged periods doesn’t hurt your belly.

It is advisable to upsize a couple of times in pregnancy because the body grows unpredictably and wearing looser, more comfortable clothing will make you feel relaxed all through. However, there are brands that do stylish maternity wear and even if you choose to upsize in these brands, you will always get well-fitted and yet very comfortable clothes. These brands can be expensive so remember to get the right fit.

Wearing tight and uncomfortable clothing can only enhance the chances of getting rashes and other skin problems while upsizing appropriately will help you feel comfortable. What will you choose?