The Different Of Natural Childbirth Classes And How They Help

If you are pregnant, you must have heard about childbirth classes but did you know that natural childbirth classes are a step ahead and they are especially useful if you are planning for a natural, intervention free birth? Natural childbirth classes prepare you and your body to face the most normal form of birthing via vagina and also emphasise upon the need to do away with unnecessary medical or surgical intervention. They teach you that childbirth need not be all about screaming, pushing and tearing yourself. There are calmer methods to deal with labour. They also assist you in trusting your body’s ability to deliver your baby all by yourself because that is what Nature had intended us to do.

Here are a few natural childbirth classes that have gained immense popularity because of their attempts to reassure women about how capable their bodies are:

1. Lamaze:

Lamaze classes are based on the philosophy that birth is a natural phenomenon and it requires no medical interference. These classes teach women strategies to cope with contractions and labour pains, how to move and breathe during labour and how to comfort themselves in the process of delivering their child. Lamaze classes strike a balance in conveying that while childbirth is an absolutely normal process, there is no denying the fact that a woman might need medical assistance and she has the right to give consent to it while being well informed about its consequences.

2. Bradley Method Classes:

The Bradley Method Classes also emphasize on the normalcy of a vaginal birth1 without opting for medical intervention. These classes encourage the mother-to-be to eat well and continue to have a balanced diet while pregnant and also after delivery. They teach women that deep breathing can help manage labour pains in a very effective manner and make them practice deep breathing exercises so that labour is comparatively easier. They encourage the partner/husband to come along to the classes so that he is aware of the techniques as well.

3. Hypnobirthing Classes:

Hypnobirthing or the Mongan Method believes in keeping calm and using the mind-body technique to have a completely natural birthing experience. The inherent fear of childbirth makes physical pain seem unendurable whereas women are capable of enduring much more pain. It suggests the mother to relax while birthing and consequently the baby relaxes as well. It is also about reaching a state of undistracted concentration where the mind believes that the body is capable of natural birth. Hypnobirthing classes teach to replace words like “pain” and “contraction” to “surge” and “sensation”. There is an inclination towards developing a positive idea about labour and childbirth.

If your hospital does not have natural childbirth classes, you can always look up online and fix appointments with personal trainers or group activities. There are online videos that are free and you can watch these repeatedly to learn the techniques involved. Giving birth naturally helps avoid the feeling of deprivation usually associated with a medically assisted birth. It is all about believing in the power of the human body.