Things To Remember While Taking Care Of Your Baby’s Clothes

When your baby is born, you need to take special care of each and everything related to them. They are very delicate, and prone to allergies and infections. So, taking care of baby clothes is a big task for a mother. These clothes are in direct contact with your baby’s soft skin, and hence special care needs to be taken that they are not irritable or uncomfortable for the baby. You were very careful in choosing the right clothes for your baby. And, you need to be equally cautious, while washing and storing your baby’s clothes too.

The hygiene factor is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to managing your baby’s clothes. Properly maintained baby clothes make the baby comfortable and healthy. So, you need to be careful about how you wash them, store them and use them.

Some Of The Important Things To Remember, While Taking Care Of Your Baby’s Clothes Are As Follows:

  • Try not to wash your baby’s clothes with other people’s clothes. Your baby’s clothes need better care and cleaning, and it is better not to mix them with other clothes till at least about a year or the first six months.
  • Use a baby detergent for washing your baby’s clothes. These are specially formulated detergents, which are not as harsh as normal detergents on the clothes. Baby clothes are soft and hence they need special detergents too. Try to use a fabric softener, so that the clothes are not itchy or hard on your baby’s tender skin. You need to check if a particular brand is better than the other for your baby.
  • Try to get a detergent, which does NOT have a strong smell, because this can irritate the baby as they are not yet familiar with such strong fragrance. You can ask your doctor for a particular brand or take recommendations from other mothers.
  • Make sure all the detergent is washed out properly from the baby clothes. If any residue is left, it can be harmful for the baby’s skin. Also, dry all baby clothes in the sun. This helps to disinfect by removing all the germs and bacteria and dampness.
  • Make sure you soak your baby’s clothes in lukewarm water for some time before washing. This helps to remove the stains easily, and also kills germs.
  • Baby clothes will have difficult stains like milk, poop, etc. Make sure you wash these clothes separately in warm water and the stains the gets removed completely after washing. You might have to wash nappies, etc. for more than once in the initial stages.
  • Finally, make sure you store your baby’s clothes in clean and dry places, away from dirt and insects. Properly storing baby clothes also helps to ensure that they can be used for a longer time and they are clean for the next use.

When babies are small, there will be a lot of different types of clothes like nappies, towels, etc., which you will use several times in a day. So, keep proper stock so that you do not run out of necessary things, when required. Make sure regularly used and stained clothes are washed and dried thoroughly, so that your baby can feel comfortable and cozy in them.