Video Games And Its Impact On Our Children

Video Games have become a part and parcel of childhood in modern days. Almost every two to three-years old kids have played video games. They like it because it is interactive, fun and engaging. They can spend hours in front of the TV screens with the consoles in their hands, racing a car or killing a monster. Video games give them a virtual reality experience and kids just love it. But, along with being fun and learning, video games can also become an addiction, which needs to be avoided. Hence, parents need to take charge and keep a check on the video game screen time of their children.

According to a report, the video game industry grew by 9% in 2013 with sales exceeding $76 billion, which was expected to reach $80 billion by 2016. Owing to its growing popularity, parents can hardly keep their children away from video games. However, they need to know where to stop. If you have got one of those Wii or X-Box or a Playstation for your child and he/she has been using it, you need to keep the following pointers in mind on how it can impact your child, negatively:

It Might Impart The Wrong Values.

Video games can influence a child’s mind by inculcating wrong values like unnecessary violence, aggression, and others. Playing with an appropriate or older kid can make them learn bad language or behavior.

It Can Cause Health Problems.

Since, playing with video games involves a lot of finger movement and watching the screen continuously, it can cause a lot of problems going forward. It can affect their eyes and fingers in a bad way.

It Makes Them Stick To The Couch.

Playing video games makes your child sit on the couch and hence they tend to get aloof from physical activities and exercise. This can lead them to get obese at a later stage. They also get lazy and do not want to do any work.

It Can Give Them A Blurred Outlook.

Sometimes, too much of exposure to video games can make them believe in fantasy, which is not real. They start forgetting the real world and gets more engrossed into this virtual world.

It Takes Them Away From Other Activities.

Spending a lot of time in front of the screen also takes them away from other activities like reading, art and crafts, and even affect their studies.

Amidst all this, video games are not altogether bad. It also has a few brownie points in its kitty too:

It Can Be Educative.

Educative and informational video games can open up new horizons for your child. Interactive ways can be a good aid in their learning, especially for kids, who might have difficulty in grasping concepts.

It Can Enhance Their Creativity.

Many video games have characters, games and features, which kids can customize, so it helps them to work on their creativity and analytical skills.

It Can Be Entertaining.

Video games are simply fun and entertaining for kids and even adults too. They can enjoy it if they bored of playing outdoors or on a rainy day or if they are home during an illness or during holidays.

Some Games Help With Physical Activity.

Some video games involve a lot of physical activity as well as playing tennis or other games. These can be good for learning as well as help them engage physically rather than just sitting and playing.

Video games are just another toy, so let it be one and do not let it be an addiction for your child. Let them play, but your supervision is very important. You can set guidelines for playing or even you can enjoy a game with your child to keep track of how much they are using it. Make sure you get them proper games without too much of violence or censored content. The rest of it can be sheer fun and games.