What You Need To Consider While Choosing The Right Paediatrician For Your Child

As a mother you always want what is best for your child – from the soap they use to a toy they play with to the doctor you consult. New parents do a lot of research before deciding on anything for their baby. And, choosing the right paediatrician is no different. Rather, it becomes very important to choose the right doctor wisely as this is the start of what will hopefully be a comfortable long-term interaction.

A paediatrician is like a second parent for your child and should be someone you trust and look for support in times of distress. The pediatrician’s ability to comfort the baby, make the right diagnosis and give vaccinations is the top criteria for parents. His/her knowledge about handling different conditions is also a big relief as you contact the doctor first in case of any emergency. One of the biggest attributes of a good paediatrician is the ability to calm you down in case of extreme emergencies and to guide you with procedure/information, relieve you from stress and make your baby feel at ease.

The Following Few Guidelines Are Important To Consider When You Decide On Your Baby’s Paediatrician:

Knowledge and Qualifications:

It is important to know about the basic qualifications of your doctor. You can talk to other patients or probably look up prescribed medicines in case of any doubts. Reliability is an important factor.


Go for a doctor, whose clinic is not too far away from your house. Check for waiting hours – if you have to wait for too long every time, your baby might get cranky and may not be willing to return. Keep a track on where your paediatrician consults other than the clinic. Check appointment availability. Another factor is reachability on the phone. Though, it is not mandatory for them to be available, but he/she should be reachable over the phone or be responsive to messages in case of emergency.

Soft Skills:

This is the most important things to consider. The interactions between the doctor and your baby needs to be full of love and care, yet necessary inspections need to be completed. A good paediatrician attempts to make the baby comfortable by talking to him/her, praising them, asking questions, and assuring them that everything is fine.


Finally, keep tract of the type of treatment procedure the doctor follows. Is your doctor willing to answer your queries or listen to you patiently? Does he/she have a particular solution the baby’s problem or able to diagnose the exact problem? Whether he/she dedicate the proper amount of time to you and other patients? Is he/she aware of the medical conditions or past history of your baby? How well he/she maintains the medical records of patients? Is there a special waiting are for sick children to rest? These are few simple questions, which can arise in any parent’s mind before choosing a doctor for their baby.

A Few Important Pointers You Must Follow:

  • Do an initial research on the selected set of doctors; look them up on the Internet, read patient reviews.
  • Ask for recommendations from friends. the same doctor need not be suitable to you, but you can give it a try.
  • Meet the doctor and discuss about your concerns. See how eager they are to know about the case and your baby.
  • Do not approve/reject after the first visit, you might want to decide after a couple of visits.
  • See if the doctor always asks for specific brands of medicine or expensive vaccines. In case of any doubt, discuss with other people or go for a second opinion. You might also want to talk to other moms in the clinic to know more.
  • Keep a watch on how he/she interacts with your baby, or the cleanliness of the clinic as well as ease of getting appointments etc.

A paediatrician will always prescribe medicines and cures, which best suits your child. In case of any emergencies, always consult the paediatrician as sometimes, home remedies or advice from others might not be the best thing for your baby. Moving forward, your baby will also develop an amicable relationship with their his/her doctor and will enjoy the clinic visits.