Why You Shouldn’t Be Stressing Yourself In Pregnancy

While it is normal to feel stressed about the changes in future while you are expecting, stressing too much over it, is not in the best interests of you or your baby. You might wonder if the baby kicked 10 times in less than two hours, or if a food product might cause an allergy or if you have been exposed to the Varicella virus from school; the concerns are endless because your baby is precious to you. However, when these concerns overpower you all the time, you might end up with chronic stressfulness that doesn’t let you enjoy the pregnancy.

Listed Below Are Some Reasons Why Stress1 And Pregnancy Don’t Go Hand In Hand:

What Stress Does To Your Body

If you are constantly stressing, your body’s natural stress management system kicks in, reacts to it and triggers and inflammatory response that might lead to a complicated pregnancy, developmental delays in baby, premature birth and lower weight of babies at birth.

Although the study of the effects of stress on pregnancy is still under research, there have been instances in which the maternal stress factors have been transferred to the foetal brain, thus leading to negative impact on the child’s behaviour as he/she grows up.

There have been episodes in which chronic stress in the mother has led to low attention spans in children as they grew up, behavioural issues, and hindered brain development. There have been some issues with immunity as well.

Simple Stress Management Strategies

 Stress management can be approached in a positive way if we know what’s troubling us in the first place. Let us try to decode some of the simpler solutions to have a healthy, stress-free pregnancy:

  1. Stop being a control freak. It is natural to want to feel in charge all the time but after a certain point, it can get exhausting and stressful to do everything by yourself.
  2. The pregnancy might be difficult but please remember that the discomfort will soon pass.
  3. Try sleeping well. Staying active can help in a good night’s sleep.
  4. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. If you are at home and you have a thousand things to do, include your partner, your family members to lend you a hand.
  5. There are some potential benefits from undertaking yoga at this stage. Yoga not only gives your body the perfect form but also cleanses your mind of all impurities.
  6. Childbirth classes can be helpful in managing stress because they teach you to look at pregnancy, labour and childbirth as normal, natural and encourage a woman to believe in the body’s ability to give birth.
  7. Keep your employers informed about your pregnancy so that if the workload is too much, you can always convey your problems to him.
  8. Try and identify the cause of your stress. If the concern is not worth thinking about, please leave behind your worries and move ahead towards a happy, healthy and beautiful life.

At times, standing and staring at things without a cause and without worrying at all gives immense pleasure.


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