Your Child Is Sick – When To Call The Doctor For Help


As parents, we tend to get stressed, whenever our child is sick. Some of us become paranoid with the slightest of ailments, while others try home remedies before calling a doctor. In both the cases, our main concern is the discomfort of our child and preventing the condition, before it aggravates for worse.

Let Us Take A Look At 5 Common Ailments In Children And When To Call The Doctor For Them.


Any fever beyond 100 degrees is bad news. If your child has more than 100 degrees of temperature, administer fever reducing drops or syrup, which your doctor might have given earlier. Just give them once and see the effect. In case, the fever doesn’t have any other symptoms like nausea or vomiting, then it should go down after one dosage. Encourage your child to drink plenty of water. Call the doctor immediately, if your baby has a persistent fever of more than 101 degrees. For babies of 3 months and younger, consult the doctor immediately, if fever is 100 degrees. Also check for other symptoms like swelling, throat pain, ear pain etc.


Kids are very prone to cough and cold, especially during the weather change. If it is infrequent or associated with a cold, then you can wait and watch for some time. But, if the cough is persistent, whooping or wheezing types, or accompanied with blood, or there is fever or swelling or breathing trouble, consult the doctor immediately. For infants, it is advisable to call the doctor instantly for early diagnosis of any infection.


Call the doctor, if the phlegm is thick and of a different color other than white and accompanied by blood. Check if your child has a fever or swollen glands. It is better to call the doctor immediately to provide instant medical care.


This is again a very common thing in children. Call the doctor if your child is constantly passing stool or forcefully throws up and it is accompanied by blood. For infants less than 2 months, call the doctor immediately as they tend to get dehydrated by this condition. If vomiting is accompanied by fever, then there might a serious case of infection, which needs to be determined early.

Apart, from this call the doctor if your baby has suffered any head injury or you notice nose bleeding. Also, if you notice any rashes or clots anywhere on the body, especially in sensitive parts, consult the doctor immediately before it can spread and cause more discomfort like itching, swelling, accompanied by puss or redness.

If your child is sick, the first thing to do is to stop the panic. Everyone wants the best for their child, but worrying doesn’t help much. So you need to calm down and analyze the situation. If you think, it is an emergency call the doctor immediately, otherwise monitor it yourself with certain known and prescribed remedies if it is too late in the night. However, do not forget to consult the doctor at the earliest.

Self-diagnosis and medication can be fatal for your child, so seek medical help as soon as you can, especially for small babies.